Signed, sealed, and delivered

By Bonnie Leung

Those who are lost now have new directions. The University of Calgary has erected a new fire-engine red signpost outside Biological Sciences by the LRT station.

According to Community Planner John Fellows, the new sign will assist visitors around campus.

“It’s part of an overall sign system to direct people to buildings,” said Fellows. “[This particular] finger post is to direct people from parking to find their way. There will be some maps at the parking lots, too.”

Presently only one signpost is up, but according to Project Coordinator in Facilities Management Robert Majamaa, there will be more.

“The signpost went up on June 7,” said Majamaa. “We’ll have 19 in total.”

The new signposts are funded by the university.

“It’s part of the overall infrastructure right now,” said Fellows. “[It’s part of the] specific funding we get for the upgrading and maintaining of the buildings and utilities.”

Not only will there be new signposts, but existing ones will also change.

“Later on, we hope to update vehicular signage,” said Fellows. “Some of them will be updated with the new crest and some of the wording will also be updated.”

The response of the students to the new post is positive.

“I think they’re great,” said third-year Biological Sciences student Alina Alam. “I’d still find it a problem because I wouldn’t know where to go [since there is currently only one].”

“They should incorporate it into U of C 101,” said second-year Engineering student Brent Fukuda. “So many students get lost.”

“I thought it was really cool,” said third-year Computer Science student Juan Velasquez. “I think we should make more. I like the yellow thing on top [the university crest].”

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