Threadbare band

By Shalini Gupta

This four member Vancouver based band has an edgy quality. They sound as if they want to be categorized in the same manner as Bush, but with one big difference-they lack the allure.

I will admit they can create melodious tunes with fabulous rhythm, but combined with repetitive lyrics and inane vocals, this music loses its initial charm. At first, you want to give the band a second chance because they are Canadian and in desperate need of support from loving fans to succeed. Unfortunately, the music wears on your nerves rapidly and your only option left is to reach for the off button.

Does their music redeem itself with a brilliant message on oppression and life or contain hidden poetry that makes worthwhile? Don’t count on it. The first track commences with the never-ending verse “Something came between us,” and the second track responds to this with the statement “silence came between us.” It gets worse. The remaining nine tracks also illustrate the various perils of a break-up and the inevitable pain that follows. If you really want advice on this topic,listen to the heartbreak queen Alanis Morrisette.

The quartet is not all bad, and hopefully they’ll have an epiphany and decide to go instrumental. Until they reach this point, you’d be better off getting your fill of grunge rock from Bush.

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