SU by-election coming

By Angela Nicol

That’s right, election time is here again, at least for the position of one Students’ Union Operations & Finance Commissioner, who helps the Vice-president Op-Fi carry out her duties, as well as handle conference funding and clubs.

The candidates competing for the position in the Oct. 6-8 SU by-election are Jeremy Barretto, Tyler Brekko, Fouad Jomaa, and Nick Vuckovic.

Jomaa, who feels individuals can make a difference, plans to observe campus life and be responsible and accountable to the student body.

"I feel every student needs to be represented in many ways, whether they know it or not," said Jomaa.

If elected, Tyler Brekko has big plans for the coming year.
"I want to bring the SU back to the students," he said. He plans to do this through informing students ahead of time of the SU agenda, organizing Speakers’ Corner, and getting involved in as many clubs as possible.

Vuckovic also plans to focus on clubs.

"I don’t want to be tight with the budget," he said. "I’d like to help as much clubs and organizations are possible. I want to make it more enjoyable and easier for clubs to SUrvive."

Although the Op-Fi Commissioner will enter the year later than others, the candidates feel this is an advantage.

"I think the by-election is a great opportunity to bring student concerns to the SU in mid-term," said Jeremy Barretto. "A new commissioner can bring to council an unbiased view of SU initiatives so far this year."

"People tend to get bogged down at this time of year, but the new commissioner will be brand new without so many commitments," added Jomaa.

Many of the candidates have experience in clubs and SU politics. Barretto sits on the executive board of Students for a Free Tibet, and has experience in student government. Brekko sits on the Campus Recycling Board, and has held two positions in the SU: he is a member of the Riot Squad, and was Poster Regulating Officer. Jomaa was the Clubs Committee Chair last year, an executive of the Golf Club, and is also the-three time Chair of the Arab-Canadian Students’ Association.

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