CJSW funding drive over

By Kevin Rothbauer

Once again, Calgarians responded in force to CJSW’s request for cash. Last week’s annual funding drive was "really successful, as usual," for the University of Calgary’s student radio station, according to Station Manager Jamie Frederick.

"We’re still working on the final numbers," he added. "But it should be similar to last year’s amount, which was around $135,000."

In return for items such as Friends of CJSW cards, toques and t-shirts, listeners pledged donations to the station, which is now in the process of collecting the pledges.

"I’d like to encourage listeners to pay their pledges as soon as possible," said Frederick.

The full total should be known within a couple of weeks. Frederick said approximately $60,000 has been collected, and pledges are still trickling in.

"There’s always a good rate of return. We have the listeners to thank for that."

There is something of a friendly rivalry between CJSW DJs to see who can bring in the most pledges. While Frederick was hesitant to reveal which show raised the most money, he noted that two of the shows that can traditionally be counted on came up big once again.

"The German show, Bunte Welle, on Saturday did well," he said. "It’s always successful, and the Greek show did well too. Everybody did a really good job."

A number of CJSW-sponsored events took place last weekend, bringing in a few more dollars. Among the more successful were the punk rock show and DJ melting pot at the Warehouse, film night at the Plaza and the wrap-up party at the Night Gallery, which raised about $1,200.

Frederick acknowledged the many CJSW devotees who scrounged their pocketbooks for the cause.

"I’d like to thank the listeners who have supported us this year and over the years, in the continuation of campus and community radio in Calgary," he said. "It’s really incredible the way the city comes out to support something that’s fairly far out of the ordinary."

For those who still have outstanding pledges, CJSW’s offices on the first floor of old MacEwan Hall will be open for extended hours until Nov. 14.

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