Pie the Prof kicks off with psych prof

By Bonnie Leung

It’s a concept that flies in the face of authority.
Students can pie their profs from Nov. 3-19 as part of a Students’ Union fundraiser for the United Way.

According to SU United Way Representative Stefan Lohka, Pie the Prof traditionally runs as part of the university’s United Way campaign.

"Pie the Prof is the most effective way for students to get involved and make donations," said Lohka. "Since the United Way campaign targets the entire university community, a lot of activities are geared more towards faculty and staff."

Donations to the United Way will be collected during lecture.

"SU representatives will show up during the last 15 minutes of classes and pass around a jar for donations," said Lohka. "If there is a good response, one lucky student will be chosen to pie their prof."

This year’s inaugural Pie the Prof took place Wednesday afternoon, when, amidst cries for more whipped cream, Dr. Michael Boyes was pied in his PSYC 205 class.

"I’ve done it before," he said. "It’s a good cause so I don’t see a problem. It’s all part of the show."

Boyes’ students were impressed.

"I think it’s good if it raises money," said first-year General Studies student Amish Morjoria. "He’s a good sport."

All proceeds go directly to the United Way of Calgary and Area, which left some students questioning if they would receive a direct benefit from this fund-raiser.

"We are not taking any of the Pie the Prof money and turning it directly back to any one campus organizations," said Lohka. "However, since the United Way is such a comprehensive charity and helps support a wide variety of different groups, it is likely that some students may benefit indirectly from the campaign."

As of Wednesday, the campaign has raised $108,000. The campaign officially ends Nov. 11, but donations will be accepted into December.

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