They stopped by in the winter

By Marcela Salamanca

Is anyone interested in becoming deaf? That’s exactly what happened at LFO’s concert at The Palace on Nov. 2. The brass fixtures inside created a type of echo box which left everyone with ringing in their ears, and serious hearing damage.

Pre-show entertainment on the dance floor consisted of break dancing (Yes, this horrid "dance" may be on the comeback). As the minutes passed, fans were treated to club hits until the opening act began. Newcomer KC Styles hit the stage with his fiddle. As the dance beat grew louder, so did the fiddling. Who’s idea was this? The concept of mixing fiddling. with dance may appear to be a novel idea, but without proper execution, it’s just plain annoying. KC’s endless yelling into the mic didn’t help either. It created an intense resonating sound that lasted throughout the concert, not just through his half-hour slot.

Then LFO hit the stage with tremendous energy. No flashy costumes and glitter for these men. Their laid back appearance was refreshing considering all the boy- bands are decked out in glam and sparkles. Their enthusiasm while performing was the greatest aspect of the show.

However, their contemporary style does leave much to be expected. LFO’s idea of rap shouldn’t even be classified as rap; their lyrics do not stand on their own or carry any message. LFO’s deepest message is that Chinese food makes them sick. Perhaps another look at this would reveal that catchy tunes do not constitute exceptional music.

Their extremely short show, lasted only about half an hour. They did a total of about eight songs and repeated "Girl on TV" twice, which seems pointless especially when it is a song written for Jennifer Love Hewitt.

LFO’s interaction with the audience is commendable; as well as their camaraderie. Brad and Rich appeared to be normal and not too concerned with their looks, but Devin, well… that’s another story. He not only pranced around on stage like he was a demi-god, but he also took off his shirt. Young girls do not need to be scarred this way at the tender age of nine.

LFO’s dancers did make up for the lack of stage props. Their moves were incredible and their energy surpassed anything imaginable. Something could be learnt from them–you do not have to get naked to be noticed, Devin.

Overall, this concert was hampered by a small stage area and horrible acoustics. The endless muZes that came across the mic made many sick and, even more, deaf. Potential for this act does exist however, as an eternal teeny-bopper band.

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