Students stage "teach-in"

Amidst soap bubbles and live guitar music, 150 students gathered not for a sit-in, but a teach-in.

The University of Calgary Revolutionary Anarchist Kollektive held a discussion about tuition increases in the MacEwan Student Centre courtyard on Wed., Jan. 26.

According to RAK and Alberta Tuition Abolition Coalition member Wesley Morgan, RAK held the teach-in to promote tuition alternatives.

"An accessible tuition is completely possible if the political will exists," he said. "People will be made more aware and become involved because that’s the only way change will happen."

RAK member Charles Dobson hoped to create more opportunities for students to exchange ideas with others.

"The idea is to have a central gathering to see who wants to come out and what their concerns are," he said. "And also to let people know other students are concerned."

RAK member Adrola Mook agreed.

"This tuition issue is common to all students," she said. "The thing is, all students have to work together. It’s all about coming together, working out issues, talking about issues and RAK’s here to talk about its five point program."

RAK’s five-point plan includes ending corporate deals, abolishing tuition and democratizing administration.

Some students feel very strongly about the tuition increases.

"I’m here because I think it’s outrageous for students to be in debt their whole lives to get an education," said visiting student Florine Lawrance.

"[I hope this will] spread awareness of the possibilities of lowering or freezing tuition and how to go about that," she added.

The teach-in included several speakers who explained the five points, a life-size piñata of Lyle Oberg, live music, and food.

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