A little bit of Winnepeg positivity

By Laura Glick

Seven tour vehicles in seven years. Two European tours, opening spot on the Misfits tour, and potential Japan and Australia tours.

After this, Winnipeg’s Guy Smiley doesn’t have a lot to complain about. They’ve paid their dues like any other independent band and are finally starting to reap the rewards.

"We always like to play in smaller places," shares vocalist Derek Kun.

After years traversing the winding roads of the all-ages circuit, Guy Smiley are now veering onto international freeways.

"It’s been great. I’ve seen a lot of the world for free," Kun says. "We tour Europe and overseas all the time now."

The incessant plugging away in small venues worked and their latest Smallman Records release, Alkaline, came out in 26 countries.

Sending aural punches and kicks with never ceasing energy, Alkaline conveys the emotion inherent in the songs. It does not, however, manage to capture the frenetic quality of a live show. The sweat drenched, bicep-pumping, in-your-face attitude topped off with Kun’s manic physical gestures are crucial to experiencing Guy Smiley properly.

Lyrically, they strive for positivity. Musically, they combine elements of straight-edge hardcore, pop-punk, ska, speed metal, and rock. The result: a journey into a pit of loud, heart-accelerating music.

If you’re ready to descend, head to the Republik March 28 for an all-ages show with Field Day.

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