Don’t hurl on BSD

By Rob South

Well despite the snow on the ground, spring has sprung. For most of us, the new season means the joy of Bermuda Shorts Day and the stresses of final exams. For some, it means the mixed bag of emotions that accompanies the last semester at university. Needless to say, it is a time of emotion and change.

The same is true at the Students’ Union, as many of us are preparing to move on. This past year has been eventful and filled with triumphs and setbacks. I will not go into the details for you–if you don’t know what I’m talking about it probably was not that big of a concern to you.

But I digress, the triumphs and setbacks that many of us at the SU have felt have been the result of a great privilege: trying to serve and represent students.

On behalf of all the elected officials at the SU, I would like to thank you very much for giving us that privilege. Very few people in their lifetimes will get the opportunity to work for such a large, extraordinary and bright group of people. I know that we all hope that in some way we have contributed something to the campus.

If you did not get all that you wanted out of the SU this year, please take the time to become involved so that you and your fellow students can next year. In the meantime have a great summer, and thank you once again for a privilege we will never forget.

Rob South,

P.S. Please take care of yourself and your fellow students on BSD; it is more fun for everyone if no one is getting ill from all the fun.

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