Andy Hutchinson

By Kris Kotarski

There is much promise in the future for wrestling standout Andy Hutchinson. He is graduating this year with a kinesiology degree , and he has a shot at going to Sydney this summer to represent Canada in Greco-Roman wrestling. But when Andy looks back, he should be proud of what he has accomplished so far. Hutchinson started his international wrestling career in 1994, when he represented Great Britain at the Commonwealth Games and won a silver medal in his first major event.

"It was great for a young guy to get a chance to compete at such a high level," he stated. "Ironically, it was the Canadian wrestler who beat me."

Hutchinson then went on to an oustanding career as he won match after match, and meet after meet. He has never left a major Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union event without a medal, and he has won the Canada West conference championship for five years in a row.

He has worked up in the CIAU nationals from bronze in 1996 and 1997, to silver in 1998, and finally gold in 1999 and 2000. This year was a key member of the Dinos drive for the national championship in wrestling, and he is a leader on the Dino team. His win in the CIAU finals was an impressive 11-0 triumph over Colin Wist of Saskatchewan, and thanks to this year’s performance, he has a great shot at going to the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

"I’m going to have a high-performance meet in Colombia later this year and if I do well then I’ll go to the Olympics. I’ve been training really hard and hopefully everything will work out in my favour."

Hutchinson also captured another title as he took athlete of the year honors at the Night of the Dino banquet on April 6.

"It was very special to win that award because of the guys I was up against. Football, volleyball, swimming–it was an honor to be even nominated with everyone. It’s really great to be recognized not only in your own sport, but also with other members of the Dino family."

He is now set to graduate, his varsity wrestling career winding down, and he may soon represent Canada with the whole world watching, but when asked what he’ll cherish the most Andy spoke like a true gentleman.

"It was a honour to be on the team with all the guys and with the coaches, who always supported me. A big thank you to everyone who has helped me along, and made my career a great experience."

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