Forget the rumours, an election is coming

By Mary Chan

It’s not a federal or provincial election, but students thirsting for some type of democratic process can look forward to a Students’ Union by-election this October.

From Oct. 11-13, students will elect four new representatives: one each in the External and the Operations and Finance commissions, as well as Student Academic Assembly Faculty Representatives in Education and Kinesiology.

SU Vice-president Academic and Elections Promotions Committee Chair Mark Hoekstra encourages students to run.

"It’s a good experience," he said. "It gives you a voice as well. If you’re a proactive student and you want to contribute to the student body, it’s one way to do it. It gives you something to do at school that’s not really school. It’s not part of class work but it’s part of your education nonetheless."

Interested students can pick up a nomination package at the SU offices in MacEwan Student Centre 251. Candidates submit nominations on Wed., Sept. 27, and a candidate’s list is posted on the same day. If no one runs for a position, it will remain open to nominations until noon on Sept. 28. If there are still no candidates, the nomination deadline will be extended until Sept. 29, after which nominations will permanently close. If no students run for a position, it will remain vacant unless the SU appoints someone to that position.

"In the past we’ve appointed people, but that’s not a regular procedure," said Hoekstra. "If we don’t have representation, we’ll enlist some help."

While the SAA positions were not filled in last March’s General Election and remained vacant throughout the summer, both commissioner positions were filled. Op-Fi Commissioner Peter Yoon resigned to pursue another job, while External Commissioner Stefan Lohka is going overseas at the beginning of October.

"I have the opportunity to spend a year in Europe," said Lohka, who resigned in August. "I’m taking advantage of that."

Lohka added that he would not have run for his position at all had he known he would be leaving in October, and wishes the best for his commission.

"I have full confidence that the commission will enjoy every success that’s out there to enjoy," he said.

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