Hostage brain comes to the University of Calgary

By Jane Alkhouri

CASA: is it just another acronym to you? Why should you even care what they do or have done for you? I mean, after all, as an undergraduate at this university, you are part of CASA.

Well, for all of you cynics out there who think your Students’ Union does crap for you, here is something you should check out.

On Thurs., Oct. 4 in MacEwan Student Centre, Mark Kissel, National Director for the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), will be visiting us with the "hostage brain." Yes, a "hostage brain." In fact there will even be a ceremony for the arrival of the brain, a clay brain sculpting contest, a chance to contact your Member of Parliament, prizes to be won and more.

All this is part of the brain’s fall 2000 university tour to bring awareness about student issues to the public and to inform students what CASA is all about and what they have accomplished.

The "hostage brain" is part of this year’s CASA lobby campaign. The brain will be kept hostage until the government meets CASA’s demands of: 1.) putting more money into university infrastructure; 2.) restoring the CHST (Canadian Health and Social Transfer payments) back to 1994 levels; and 3.) relieving student debt.

Along with the brain we will also have a table set up where you can sign a postcard that we will mail to the not-so-student-friendly Rob Anders, who is unfortunately the Member of Parliament for the university.

"I am concerned about my education… I ask that the issue be discussed with your colleagues in the House of Commons… our brains are Canada’s most valuable and renewable resource…" This is part of what can be found on the postcards. The goal of this campaign is to get Mr. Anders to vocalise our concerns in the House of Commons.

So here is a quick recap:

• CASA is a federal lobby group the Students’ Union (meaning you) belongs to
• The National Director and the "hostage brain" will be on campus Oct. 4 in MacEwan Student Centre
• CASA has been successful with its past campaigns
• You’ll be able to sign a postcard to your Member of Parliament
• You should check it out and enter the clay brain sculpting contest to win prizes and learn more about your SU and CASA.

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