The World According to eG

By Mike Leung

Congratz, you’ve wandered into the twilight zone. This is this home for our little pet project, the kind where you set up something like an ant farm, but you’re not sure if you’ll bake the little guys because you’ve left your farm in the sun. This is the Web Section of the electric Gauntlet, the initiative that Tony Grimes and myself, Mike Leung, are taking to liven up this place a bit. Imagine it as a bit of redecoration, a bit of makeover, a bit of splash of colour here and there. The Web section will complement the copy from the paper, and hopefully, one fine day, you’ll come to eG just to catch up on the Web section before you waste your time with all that other crap.

During the upcoming issues you’ll find descriptions of our wanderings through the internet landscape. We’ll be looking for the gems, of course. As you know, the Web has a whole lot of crap out there, and we could employ well over 1,000 monkeys to sift through it all. So, guess what? We’re going to do that work for you (yes, if you’re a monkey and you’re reading this now, please apply). Because you’re a student, and coincidentally, so are we, we hope that you’ll find some of the same things interesting that we find interesting.

So, do come back and visit us, we promise we’ll update it as inconsistently as possible, the links will always be broken and our when our server isn’t working, it will be down for days at a time. But try again anyways. If you’re even interested in contributing you are more than welcome to contact either Tony or myself. And so begins a brand new eG.


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