Kid A

By Natalie Sit

Thank you, Thom; thank you, Jonny; thank you, Ed, Colin and Phil. Mission successful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating an album that will not be beaten to death by top 40 radio. Your world domination party will once again have to be postponed. Thank God.

Way back in ’93 you learned your lesson. "Creep" gave you your break but in turn almost destroyed you. It took years for the world to realize that you had so much more to offer.

Your latest album Kid A is once again a clean break from your last. The subtle strategy you employ worked extremely well in the past, skyrocketing your 1997 release OK Computer to number one on most of the world’s charts. Only time will tell if Kid A will be as highly touted.

Kid A is an ambitious experiment in the blending of the old with the new. It is a fusion of the synthetic with the organic and the result is a marriage for the ages. From the church-like organ cacophony of "Motion Picture Soundtrack" to the looped beats of "Idioteque" the listener is left with a sensation that is distinctly Radiohead. Welcome to the future.

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