CJSW sends out signal for support

By Kathy Schaerer

CJSW may not get by this year without a little help from their friends. On Oct. 20 their annual funding drive will begin and this year’s funding drive is particularly important for the campus-based radio station.

"It’s pretty serious, it’s rock’n’ roll being on the air or not," said program director and interim station manager Alex Di Ninno.

Her main cause for concern is CJSW’s need to relocate their transmitter from its present location at the Southern Alberta Institute for Technology before January.

"[It will] inevitably be an increase in [rent cost]; we’re going to have to buy new equipment [as well]," said Di Ninno.

Di Ninno hopes to raise at least $100,000. Funds will also be used to update equipment, their website and to purchase a new computer.

"[The new computer will allow] DJs to access the record library from the booth," said Di Ninno. "It will make CJSW more interactive and that much more answerable to the people that listen."

Music director Jason Corall explained the importance of accountability to CJSW.
"In general, CJSW’s function is to provide a voice to the voiceless," he said. "[We] fill the void commercial radio leaves in Calgary."

The radio station has acquired a great deal of significance to its listeners and supporters. Andrew Wedderburn, DJ at CJSW for three years, explained.

"I think it’s important to be able to turn on the radio and listen to something good as opposed to have to put up with whatever’s there," said Wedderburn. "I think people often take it for granted that they have a good radio station, and any time you are anywhere where they don’t have a campus or community station, you can feel that [absence]."

Incentives will be given for different levels of pledges ranging from toques, shirts and Friends of CJSW Cards to doughnut dates with DJs. Fundraising events include a Folk and Roots Extravaganza at the Night Gallery, Hip-Hop night at The Cherry Lounge, DJ Melting Pot 2000, and a MacEwan Hall Ballroom concert featuring the U.K.’s Herbaliser Band.

"It’s the time of year when everybody in the station truly comes together and helps out," said Di Ninno. "It’s complete chaos, but it’s a whole lot of fun at the same time. It’s really an exciting time."

The slogan this year is "Spinning Lies and Misinformation for Fifteen Years." Organizers hope the fun, chaos and excitement will promote pledges that will keep it going for many more.

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