Mr. Anderson enters the Residence Matrix

By Natalie Sit

Geoff Anderson doesn’t take anything for granted. The newly-minted Resident Student Association President ran uncontested in the Oct. 16 election. Unlike Students’ Union elections, RSA uses a yes/no vote instead of acclamations.

"I was pretty relieved," says Anderson. "I didn’t think there would be any problems. If you’re going to lose, it’s better to lose to someone else."

Anderson hails from the self-described "hick town" of Nanton and has spent the last four years living in University of Calgary residence. The 22-year-old is "somewhat enjoying" his second year of geology.

Last year, Anderson was the Vice-president for traditional-style dorms, jump-starting his awareness of rez business.

"I’ve been in rez a long time and you begin to care how things are run," explains Anderson. "You don’t realize what’s going on unless you get involved. [It makes] more of a difference."

RSA represents resident students with one representative for each traditional floor and apartment building except Cascade Hall, which has three. Any concerns rez students have are brought to the RSA and then to the university’s resident services.

"Rez services pushes things through," says Anderson. "[They say] ‘that’s the way it’s going to be.’ We put our foot down."

Anderson also has big plans for the way rez students spend their free time ranging from improving lounges to individual room luxuries.

"[We wanted] more freezers for the apartments because we rent out fridges and freezers," says Anderson. "More lounge furniture. Most of the traditional dorm [lounges] have holes [in their furniture].

"We talked with the [SU] VP Events about getting more rez people out to events. Everybody talks but doesn’t go out. We need to raise awareness [about campus events]."

As to his favourite part of the rez experience, Anderson related the diversity of people he’s met.

"You grow close," remembers Anderson. "It’s like a big family. You’re out of the house. No one is looking over your shoulder. It’s wild freedom with people."

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