Third Annual Reader Survey

Yes, it’s true. Good things do come in threes as once again AP hurls our annual survey at you. Answer as many as you can and drop your answers off at room 310 in old Mac Hall. You know, the part that ISN’T being renovated (despite field mice in the office). One entry will be drawn to win a fantabulous prize. Beer OK? Results in the Nov. 23 issue.

1. Best campus food vendor
2. Worst campus food vendor
3. Best food service
4. Worst food service
5. Best food deal
6. Worst food deal
7. Most likely place to get salmonella
8. Best coffee on campus
9. Worst coffee on campus
10. Favourite beer
11. Least favourite beer
12. Max’s or the Den? (BEFORE it closed)
13. Pepsi or Coke?
14. Favourite Beatle
15. Favourite beetle
16. Best class
17. Worst class
18. Best prof
19. Worst prof
20. Best classroom
21. Worst classroom
22. Best SU representative
23. Best campus art
24. Worst campus art
25. Best campus building
26. Worst campus building
27. Best parking lot
28. Worst parking lot
29. Most overpriced lot
30. Best washroom
31. Worst washroom
32. Best looking students (faculty)
33. Ugliest students (faculty)
34. Best-dressed students
35. Worst-dressed students
36. Best game in the Cove
37. Worst game in the Cove
38. Best book in the library
39. Worst book in the library
40. Best lab (section)
41. Worst lab (section)
42. Best intramural sport
43. Worst intramural sport
44. Best place to make out on campus
45. Worst place to get caught making out on campus
46. Best place to sleep on campus
47. Worst place to fall asleep
48. Best reason to skip class
49. Best place to smoke pot
50. Who would you have voted for in the Nov. 7 U.S. federal election?


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