Sex, drugs and booze, oh my

By Natalie Sit

It’s a common notion that university is devoted to sex, drugs, alcohol and the occasional lecture. And organizers of Nasty Things Week thought what better way to involve students than an awareness week full of their favourite things?

The University of Calgary Students’ Union is sponsoring Nasty Things Week from Nov. 8-10, a "catch-all" awareness week according to SU Vice-president Events Alix d’Archangelo.

"[Nasty Things Week is] in your face," said d’Archangelo. "It’s not a place for advocacy but education, a place for people to inform themselves from a variety of sources."

Wednesday was Sex Day and also included a Jaws of Life demo on the south lawn of MacEwan Student Centre. Thursday is Party Drugs Day and Friday is Alcohol Day. All events will take place in MacEwan Student Centre, either by the pillars or in the north and south courtyards.

"[There] is a sex toy party [Wednesday] in MH 277," said d’Archangelo. "The Chaplain Centre is presenting ‘True Love Waits’ and East is East is showing."

This year marks the first time for Nasty Things Week in MSC, but the awareness week has gone by other names in the past such as Kick It
and Condom Awareness Week. D’Archangelo believes presenting too many awareness weeks caused the weeks to lose their impact, but there will be a second Nasty Things Week in the Winter semester for any students distraught over missing the event.

D’Archangelo acknowledges the fact that many students won’t take much time out of their busy day to attend the events but she thinks they should use it as an opportunity to inform themselves.

"[Nasty Things Week] is reflective of nasty things about ourselves like thoughts or habits," said d’Archangelo. "Maybe [students will] take a second to reflect on planning ahead or responsible drinking. Advocacy is not in our mandate; information is."

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