Jeff Lewis: A farewell to fifth-year Dinos

By Kris Kotarski

I bet there were a lot of players who felt special. They were big, strong, tough–some probably had beautiful girlfriends. Then Jeff Lewis came along and beat the crap out of them on the field. They probably didn’t feel so special anymore.

Lewis is ready to step away from football now, after a successful varsity career which included a Vanier Cup and many happy memories.

"I’m glad to meet the guys that I did," said Lewis. "Having a chance to play with my brother was great too. Winning the Vanier in my first year was a nice welcome."

Team spirit however, is the one thing Lewis will miss the most.

"August camp was always fun," mused Lewis. "Meeting up with the guys again… I don’t know if I’m ready to quit yet."

Lewis, unfortunately for Dinos fans, is leaving school in April but not without some ammunition for life ahead. A double major in psychology and sociology, Lewis is poised and ready to make a splash in the world. Grad school is in the future too, just not yet.

"I could use a year off," smiled Lewis.

Whatever he may do next year, athletics will remain a part of his life. Football is a possibility, especially since Lewis was scouted heavily last season by the Canadian Football League. Bobsled may also be in his future as he attended a national team camp this past August with promising results. Former Dinos teammate Ahmed Marshall, a star with the national team, got Lewis involved.

For now however, what Lewis has is a lot of good memories.

"You can always find somewhere to play football, but when you spend a season with 90 guys that’s what you remember," smiled Lewis. "I’ll miss them."

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