Teresa McLachlan: A farewell to fifth-year Dinos

By Andrea Bundon

It’s not easy leaving behind a team that has been a central part of your life for the past five years, but for Teresa McLachlan it’s time to move on. This former women’s field hockey captain is now setting her sights on the national identification camp Jan. 13-14 where she hopes to be selected to a national senior squad of 25 players for the fourth consecutive year. But even dreams of international success can’t replace the memories and lessons learned on the field while representing the Dinos.

McLachlan, who describes herself as a "very intense" player, admits the team taught her everything she knows about patience and leadership, skills that will surely benefit her as she pursues her master’s of education degree at the University of Calgary. In the past several years, the women’s field hockey program underwent a rebuilding process–they were quite a young team and McLachlan was placed in a leadership role quite early.

During McLachlan’s illustrious field hockey career she was presented with a University of Calgary Athletic Award of Merit in 1998 and was recently named Canada West Conference Player of the Year, but her fondest memory remains the 1997 CIAU Nationals.

"We played amazing," said McLachlan. The experience and the atmosphere were things she claims she’ll never forget.

As she moves to a new stage of her life, McLachlan looks back with a little regret, to what she is leaving behind. When asked for a final thought on her years playing for the Dinos, she said, "I’ll miss the game, but most of all I am grateful for the friendships."

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