Athletic council still debated

By Daorcey Le Bray

The University of Calgary Students’ Union and the Dinos Athletic Advisory Council are suffering from an on-again, off-again relationship.

For almost a year, the SU has refused to recognize or support the DAAC.
SU Vice-president Events Alix d’Archangelo was a member of DAAC when the SU elected to no longer recognize the athletic council, citing issues of quorum, conflict of interest, the Students’ Union’s dislike of DAAC’s ability to suggest fee increases and confusion over previously ratified terms of reference.

Throughout the SU’s involvement in last year’s DAAC, many grievances appeared, according to d’Archangelo. She conceded communication problems between the SU and the DAAC stem from miscommunication from one Students’ Union to the next.

"I did not have full understanding of the impact [our withdrawal] would have on this year," said d’Archangelo. "I definitely apologize for the lack of communication and the lack of clarity that had to do with a turnover in elected officials."

Don Wilson, Faculty of Kinesiology Athletic Director, was upset by the SU’s decision but wasn’t aware of it until d’Archangelo told him just before DAAC’s first meeting at the end of November.

"Nobody bothered to inform me," said Wilson.

He feels that a $6.50 fee increase proposed by the DAAC to the Dean of Kinesiology scared the SU from the table.

"The students who agreed to [DAAC] didn’t like it because they didn’t agree with the outcome," he suggested.

But the situation is improving. During a recent Students’ Legislative Council meeting, the SU voted unanimously in favour of sending delegates to the DAAC to address the SU’s complaints.

The DAAC is an independent group that advises the Dean of Kinesiology on topics from code of conduct to fee increases. It consists of three faculty members from Kinesiology, an administration representative, an alumnus, a Graduate Student Association representative and six student members.

"There is a need for a committee like this to deal with athletic liaison issues," commented d’Archangelo, who will serve on the council again as an SU representative. She served as commissioner for the last year’s SU, which voted in favour of joining the fledgling DAAC.

AC’s terms of reference are expected to be ratified within a few meetings of the council.

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