Off the deep end: Dinos swimmers speak

By Andrew Ross

The University of Calgary Dinos swim teams offer their thoughts going into the Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union Championships (CIs) in Guelph next weekend:

"I think our team is going to swim amazingly." – Erin Gammel

"The women have a good shot at winning CIs. If the men push it up a bit, I think they have a shot at topping UBC. UBC’s going to be very tough to beat for the men." – Head Coach Mike Blondal

"The team’s gonna do pretty well. We’re the only team in the country with a full team [of 18 swimmers]. It’s gonna be between us and UBC, and it’ll come down to a question of who has a better weekend." – Josh Ballem

"I think we’re gonna kick some ass." – Kristy Cameron

"This CIs, we’re laying the foundation for our future dominance of Canadian swimming."- Julia Wright

"It’s getting pretty exciting; everybody’s starting to realize how close we are. It’s gonna be fun!" – Jonathan Fowler

"Guelph is damn cold. That’s all I’m gonna say."- Rick Say

"I’m optimistic. Not everyone is shaving down, and not everyone is going to be fully rested, so we’re just going to swim as fast as we can. We just have to stick together." – Dena Durand

"We’re even more determined to win now that UBC’s scared. I’m making it my personal mission." – Megan Kinsella

"We’re gonna do awesome. Everyone gets really excited about it." – Emma Spooner

Good luck to the swimmers!

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