Company’s not here

By Mary Chan

Early risers and sleepy students adverse to Monday mornings were surprised to see the Company’s Coming kiosk boarded up in MacEwan Hall early this week. The kiosk, located beside the Delhi Deli’s former location, is currently under renovation.

The Company’s Coming renovations are directly related to the new tenants in the old Delhi Deli location.

"They’re opening a new place, Pastels, where the Delhi Deli was," said University of Calgary Students’ Union Vice-president Operations and Finance Matt Lauzon.

"There’s a new kiosk being built, so they’re trying to tie them together. The two operations will be run

The new location will offer an alternative to the fast food kiosks in the food court.

"It’s all fresh food–wraps, salads–similar to what used to be served at Favours," said Lauzon. "There’s been a lot of questions about vegetarian offerings in the food court. Hopefully this will alleviate some of those concerns."

Students look forward to the new alternative.

"I like that because it’s healther," said second-year Political Science student Eva Gonzalez. "There are pastries everywhere now. I’d like having better snacks."

Though signs on the boards say the renovations will last until the end of April, Lauzon was hestitant to give any specific dates for completion.

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