Here’s looking at you, kid

By Ryan Laverty

After months of negotiations, University of Calgary basketball legend Leighann Doan finally knows where she’s going to spend her first year of marriage. The recently wed, former Dino forward has decided on Clermont-Ferrand, a Division II team in Central France, for her first excursion into the professional ranks.

"My agent was responsible for talking to different teams and trying to find the best fit for me and for the team involved," explained Doan. "It just came down to this being the best situation for both myself, my husband (Chad) and the team."

While she is stoked about the move to France, she won’t actually speak to her new employer until September when she arrives there. Doan leaves for Beijing, China on Aug. 8 where she will compete for Canada at the World University Games and will not return to Calgary until Sept. 6.

"I’ll be back in Calgary for about 15 hours after the games," laughed Doan. "So I’ve got about a week to get ready for next year. The rest I’m going to leave up to Chad."

To say the least, her stay in Calgary will be short. But, the Dinos’ all-time leading scorer will no doubt return to the birthplace of her formidable career.

"Chad is from Calgary so I’m sure we’ll be based here in the off-season. But we’re both really looking forward to this new adventure," she explained. "It’s going to be a large adjustment but I can’t wait."

As for the language issue, Doan says it shouldn’t be too big of a problem. Nonetheless, it is in the contract that the team pay for both her and Chad’s french lessons.

"I have to tell you, I’m really going to miss the English-speaking people of Calgary."

And we’ll miss you.

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