Do you give a flying rat’s ass?

By Natasha Dhillon

Is there something about this campus that really bugs you? Do you have a social conscience and want to do a little resumé padding at the same time? The Students’ Union needs a number of students to sit on a variety of committees–we’re talking everything from recycling and sexual harassment on campus to parking appeals and campus recreation. If it’s an issue on campus, there’s a committee that deals with it.

For example, wheelchair accessibility on campus is an issue that many people complain about and there are two committees on campus that deal specifically with disabled concerns–the Committee on Issues for Students with Disabilities and the Accessibility Levy Committee. If this is an issue that you are interested in, sitting on this committee will give you an opportunity to change things.

One of my favourite committees is the Parking Hearing Committee. How many people have had a ticket or a "situation" with Parking Services? Chances are that if you have a car, you’ve had at least one experience with them. This committee hears and adjudicates offences regarding parking on campus.

There is a bit of a commitment involved. Once a student is appointed, there is the expectation that they will attend the appropriate meetings. The Committee Handbook, available at the SU or online details the time commitment expected for each committee.

Committees are a great way to get involved, to improve campus life, and they don’t look bad on your resumé either. The SU is offering an information session to help you write your applications. It will be on Tues., Sept. 18 at 5:00 p.m. in Council Chambers (across from the info desk in the MacEwan Student Centre). Join a committee and make an improvement to student life on campus!

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