Short and sweet news briefs

By Ruth Davenport

CJSW money madness winds down

With the end of the CJSW funding drive in sight, station staff and volunteers have resorted to unorthodox tactics to ensure they meet their goal.

"As of noon on Wednesday the 24th, CJSW just got over the $80,000 mark, so we’re on somewhat of a pace to meet last year’s total of $150,000," said Station Manager Chad Saunders. "I think someone’s going to get naked on their show soon. It’s been done before, although it is snowing. It should be fun."

According to Saunders, the funding drive and all associated events have gone well and been a success.

"The support we’ve gotten from everyone has been phenomenal," he said. "A lot of the businesses and city supporters have been fantastic. I’m not disappointed with anything that’s happened and that’s been a nice surprise. It’s great."

The funding drive ends at 6 p.m. on Fri., Oct. 26 and Saunders encouraged students to support the station and to give freely to the cause.

"If you don’t know about CJSW, the sooner you come down and figure out what’s going on, the better it is for you and us," he said persuasively. "You’re going to realize what you’re missing on the FM dial and what a great resource you have on campus. It’s accessible, honest, independent radio. It’s that simple."

SU representatives aid with CASA self-exam

Students’ Union representatives attended the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations internal review conference in Ottawa last week.

"In terms of the policy developed, CASA was great," said President Barb Wright. "We dealt with a lot of issues."

Wright attended with Vice-President External Oliver Bladek and External Commissioner Nick Vuckovic.

"I think CASA was better after the conference than it was before," said Bladek. "The onus is on the member schools now to carry some of the intiatives forward and I’m confident that we will be able to do that."

The conference focused on CASA structures and evaluating effectiveness in responding to the needs of member schools, according to Wright.

"The conference agenda was switched only a few weeks earlier, so there was some confusion over what would be occurring," she said. "But all in all it was a productive conference."

Photo Credit Correction

In the Oct. 18 issue of the Gauntlet, a photo on page eight was credited to Jonathan Chapman. The photo was actually taken by Janine Trotta and provided to the Gauntlet by Jonathan Chapman.

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