Men’s Volleyball

By Chris Johns

Killing defenceless animals is no laughing matter, but if it’s done to provide food for loved ones it is justiWable. However, when a Cougar is murdered for no apparent reason besides the predator’s own amusement it becomes criminal. Had the Dinos men’s volleyball team been a few hours south, in Canada’s Grasslands National Park, their behaviour could have earned them a stiff Wne, if not a night in jail. But they weren’t in a national park, they were in the conWnes of the University of Regina gymnasium.

The Dinos rolled into the Xatland capital with hammers cocked, and proceeded to unload on the 0-8 Cougars. Solid performances from the always-magniWcent, never-conversational Denis Zhukov who led Calgary with 41 "kills," and the clean up man Kelly Cherniwchan who added 13 "digs," helped bury their eastern foes.

"We’ve been pretty successful all the way along this year," said Head Coach Greg Ryan of his 5-3 crew. "This team has a totally new makeup from last year, and it’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time."

Sure, killing is fun. But the Dinos have not only been on the murdering side of the net this season. The squad has suffered from a lack of mental consistency at times and their tough Canada West competition have made them pay.

"Outside of UBC and Regina pretty much anyone could come out of this conference," explained Ryan. "The rankings mean nothing, in the end it’ll be whatever teams can come together that make it to nationals."

If rankings really don’t mean anything then there should be no reason why Ryan and his pack of executioners should not mount a Bison head on their game room wall next weekend. The Dinos will close out the Wrst half of the season Dec. 1, with a trip to the lair of Wfth-ranked University of Manitoba.

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