Dropping Acid Jazz

By Lawrence Bailey

Those of you from the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately school of political criticism best listen close.

Acid Jazz Afternoons, a brand-spanking new Friday event at The Black Lounge, made its debut Fri., Oct. 26. The acid jazz-trip hop-themed afternoon is the latest project of Students’ Union Vice-President Events Chris Kerr.

"I just thought it would be a nice, chill change to the regular punk rock afternoon," explains Kerr. "Something more down tempo, something to relax to."

The new direction for the recently reopened lounge shelves compact disc music for the more interactive and intimate medium of a live DJ. The result is a more electric and diverse atmosphere, evident the moment one walks through the door.

As an added bonus, Kerr didn’t have to look far to find artists who were as eager as they were qualified.

"I went down to CJSW and explained what I was doing," he says. "I found three CJSW DJs–three University of Calgary students–who were interested, so we signed them on."

The three new recruits will operate in a rotation from week to week, bringing a new ambience and fresh feel to Friday afternoons. The fact that they are all students here at the U of C is no coincidence either.

"Part of my election platform was showcasing more student talent," he explains. "So, I’ve got student bands playing Wired Wednsdays in the food court and student DJs at the Black Lounge on Friday."

Kerr now has Wednesdays and Fridays covered, which begs the question: Could this be the first of many new events or themes creeping into the campus weekly rotation?

"It’s just a one-off thing for Fridays right now," stated Kerr. "I’m still trying to think of some other things to make it a little different in the Den and the Black Lounge."

With the Fall semester half over and Kerr’s tenure also having reached it’s midpoint, many of his campaign promises are now being realized. The result: a lot more exposure for student artists and more musical variety on campus.

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