The ’80s: Triumphs and tumbles

By Lawrence Bailey

can anyone truly expect from a decade that gave us Flock of Seagulls, Prom
Night and tried to make Emilio Estevez a star? Granted, the United States
had covert operations in every second country, the Olympics trekked north
with them damn commies living in Rez and Ralph Klein was mayor, but on campus,
the decade was decadent and uneventful.

Aug. 14, 1980

What are students if not drunk? What is campus if not a have and a showcase
for their antics? Sadly, much like the unfortunate souls on campus this
past summer, there were no watering holes. The Den had run out of alcohol.
A brewery strike had seen to that.

Sept. 23, 1981

While we usually rail against the politicos in Edmonton, this was one instance
where the fat cats in Ottawa became public enemy number one. A $7.5-billion
funding cut irked many a student.

Oct. 9, 1981

Back when politics were pleasurable and pertinent, a two-hour debate in
Student’s Legislative Council resulted in an Students’ Union-sanctioned
mud wrestling match in the Red Gym. Despite seven appeals in a two week
span, the show went on–and the women beat the men.

Oct. 30, 1981

Pass the pipe–Peter Tosh rocks the Ballroom. The reggae legend and former
Wailer made his lone appearance to a pitiful audience of 263.

Feb. 25, 1983

Mayor Ralph Klein eliminates civic job creation grants for students. Foreshadowing,
my friends, is not only found in fiction.

Mar. 4, 1983

Representatives of the SU and the University of Calgary hold a joint press
conference to announce the asbestos threat is a hoax, and that insulation
about campus is "more than safe."

Sept. 2, 1985

U of C Vice-president Academic Peter Craigie was hospitalized after a car
accident near Field, British Columbia. He was admitted to Foothills Hospital
and listed in serious but stable condition. He died from his injuries Sept.

Dec. 5, 1986

Student Michael O’Reilly fell six floors down an open elevator shaft
in Kananaskis Hall. He broke nearly everything he could, but was out of
hospital two months later. O’Reilly was conscious throughout his rescue
and directed those pulling him from the depths with a beer in hand.

"I don’t know anything about elevators," he said. "But
I think they’re not supposed to open unless there’s an elevator

Feb. 12, 1987

A 5,000-person, Crowchild Trail-blocking, anti-provincial government rally
is held on campus. What’s up with that?

May 14, 1987

A student was suspended after a brilliant BSD prank–a giant slingshot that
launched a wide variety of unique projectiles. Details on the effectiveness
of the implement are sketchy at best, but the antics of the student were
not well received by Administration.

Sept. 4, 1987

Curtis Acheson, a rookie defensive lineman with the football Dinos, died
in a car accident on Highway 2 near Innisfail. The 19-year-old was returning
from a victory in Edmonton over the Golden Bears.

October, 1987

Debate over the necessity and validity of the new radical political movement
known as the Reform Party erupts on campus. Little did they know…

Oct. 19, 1987

Black Monday, the devastating stock market crash, cast a pall over Scurfield
Hall. Stunned students stood sullen in groups around the stock ticker watching
their personal wealth plummet.

February 1988

The Olympics come to Calgary. Heidi and Howdy entertain. Rez is overwhelmed.
The peasants rejoice.

May 12, 1988

Bermuda Shorts Day has no beer gardens. The weeping masses were heard as
far away as Roger’s Pass. A moment of silence please.

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