Campus growth, in handy table form

By Mike Leung

1957 Cosmic Ray lab, Sulhpur mountain

1960 Sept. Arts main building

1960 Sept. Science A completed
br> 1961 Sept. Cosmic Ray lab, Sulhpur mountain extended

1961 Dec. Physical Education portion

1961 McMahon Stadium

1962 Aug. Grounds building

1962 Sept. Greenhouse

1963 Sept. Library Block

1964 Aug. Grounds building extended

1964 Oct. Engineering, Block E

1964 Oct. Science B lower floor and basement

1965 Jan. Science A rooftop greenhouse

1965 May Kananskis and Rundle Halls

1965 June Electrical Power Substation

1965 Sept. Calgary Hall, Blocks C, D, and E

1965 Sept. Dining Centre

1965 Sept. Science B upper floors

1965 Dec. Weather Research Station

1965 Science B penthouse

1966 Mar. Calgary Hall, Blocks F, G

1966 April Central Heating and Cooling Plant, Main building

1966 May Bow River Water Pumping Station

1966 June Kananaskis Centre, lab

1966 Nov. Engineering, Blocks C and D, Block E Theatres

1966 Dec. Underground Utilities, phase I

1967 Jan. Kananaskis Centre, lodge

1967 Mar. Grounds, storage addition

1967 April Science A, additions to greenhouse

1967 Sept. Calgary Hall, Block D, upper floors addition

1967 Sept. Education, classroom block

1967 Sept. MacEwan Hall

1967 Dec. Arts

1967 Dec. Science B, penthouse addition (Aurora)

1967 Science B, further penthouse addition

1968 Jan. Science B, Sulphur lab

1968 Mar. Science B, hydrogen lab

1968 Aug. Education Tower

1968 Aug. Engineering, Block A

1968 Dec. Underground Utilities, phase II

1969 Jan. President’s residence purchased

1969 Feb. Physical Plant

1969 May Kananskis Centre, lab addition

1969 Aug. Arts, courtyard roof

1969 Nov. Math Sciences, lower three floors

1969 Dec. Social Sciences

1970 Aug. Kananskis Centre, residences

1970 Sept. Physical Education, office areas extension

1970 Sept. Science Theatres

1970 Oct. Student Family Housing (Varsity Courts)

1970 Nov. Science A, botanical lab addition

1970 Dec. Science B, flammable liquid storage building

1970 Dec. Central Heating and Cooling Plant, expansion

1971 Jan. Physical Education, swimming pool

1971 Oct. Underground Utilities, phase III

1971 Oct. Rothney Observatory, Priddis

1971 Dec. Central Heating and Cooling Plant, modification

1972 June Biological Sciences, lower three floors

1972 July Math Sciences, upper five floors

1972 Aug. Skywalk between Bio sci and ST

1972 Aug. Health Sciences, main building

1972 Sept. Earth Sciences, lower four floors

1972 Oct. Earth Sciences, shell for upper six floors

1972 Nov. Biological Sciences, shell for upper three floors

1972 Nov. Library Tower, lower seven floors

1972 Dec. Library Tower, shell for upper floors

1973 July McMahon Stadium additions

1973 Aug. Central Heating and Cooling Plant modifications

1973 Sept. Spy Hill Animal Facility, residence

1973 Oct. Library Tower, basement finished

1974 Jan. Spy Hill Animal Facility, additions and alterations

1974 May Earth Sciences, upper floors finished

1974 Aug. Skywalk between Arts and Social Sciences

1974 Sept. Underground Utilities, water mains relocation

1974 Oct. Library Tower, upper floors finished

1974 Nov. Skywalk between Math Sciences and ST

1975 Feb. Health Sciences, access area finished

1975 Mar. Library Block, complete recladding

1975 Aug. Swann Mall

1975 Oct. McMahon Stadium, artificial turf

1976 July Biological Sciences, upper floors

1978 Nickle Arts Museum

1981 Reeve Theatre

1982 Engineering, Block F

1983 Castle, Brewster, Norquay Halls

1983 Rothney Observatory, addition

1984 General Services building

1985 Scurfield Hall

1986 Kananskis and Rundle Halls, reclad

1987 June Jack Simpson Gymnasium opens

1987 Dec. Crowchild LRT Station opens

1988 Art Parkade

1988 Glacier and Olympus Halls

1988 Hertiage Medical Research Building

1988 MacEwan Student Centre

1988 McMahon Stadium expansion

1988 Olympic Oval

1988 Physical Education expansion

1993 Professional Faculties, University Daycare

1998 May PFB changed to Murray Fraser Hall

2001 Information and Communications Technology

2002 MacEwan Hall expansion

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