By Kris Kotarski

The infirmary report reads like a long and tragic novel. Tony Baldwin broke an arm. Hakan Kadir hurt a knee. Zach Bell has a "partially herniated disc with associated nerve damage" and Joe "Fro" Bentley has knee problems as well. Finally, Mat Farrell has a skin infection which in wrestling circles is a big no-no.

With all this said, it is perhaps no surprise that the Dinos had trouble in their Dual meet at the University of Alberta Wed., Jan. 16. Mike Stitt, Brent Calis, David Kooperberg and Rob Young all won their matches but Calgary lost the overall 23–17 to the hated and somewhat healthy Golden Bears.

"We’ll avenge the loss at Canada West’s," said Dinos captain Joe Loucks.

The Dinos have no other choice as their only regular season opportunity to take points from the Golden Bears is gone. Calgary will have to be sharp at the upcoming conference championships to regain their status as "Best in the West" with pretenders like Alberta and Simon Fraser University clawing at the throne.

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