Weekend Update – Women’s Volleyball

For a coach with a never-ending injury list, Kevin Boyles sure plays some rough basketball. Following two straight three-set victories by his second-ranked Dinos over Trinity Western University Spartans, Boyles gave his troops a day off from digging and spiking but still dished out the punishment on the hard court. For example, Boyles (estimated weight 400 lbs) hip checked setter Natalie “Westjet” Schwartz (estimated weight 75 lbs) as she pushed the ball up court in true point guard fashion.

"It’s a good workout," laughed the coach after his flagrant foul. "I wouldn’t want to coach these guys in a basketball game, although a few of them can play."

The Dinos can play volleyball too, as they showed with a gutsy effort against TWU with only nine players available for the two matches.

"Our backups were a libero and a setter so we were kind of hoping everyone would stay healthy on the weekend," continued Boyles. "We didn’t have any backup hitters at all."

Captain Amanda Moppett, rookie Joanna Niemczewska, veteran Leanne Leonardi and middle Tracy Keats were all sidelined with injuries. This meant the depleted Dinos had to rely on their bench more than ever. Lindsay Cragg saw her first action of the year and Sara Hartman impressed with 11 kills one night and eight the next.

"It’s really different, finally to play in a real match is really good," said Hartman. "It definitely helped my confidence and helped to prepare me for matches down the road."

Rally Points:

Power hitter Krista Kinsman collected 25 kills on the weekend, averaging over four kills per game. Apparently her dog-walking injury isn’t affecting her too badly.

Setter Heather Wearmouth has a killer jump shot.

Kevin Boyles thinks he does too.

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