Women’s Basketball

Winterpeg brought a blizzard into the Jack last weekend-but the Chinook came just in time.

On Fri., Feb. 8, the two teams met for the last couple of games of league play. Dinos fans were treated to a tight game, dominated by Calgary guard Natalie Hudec’s 18 points and Winnipeg guard Sally Kaznica’s 12.

At the break Winnipeg lead by five. Calgary came back stronger, but had a decisive lull which caused fans to tear their hair out going into the last two minutes. Calgary had a five point lead, but were unable to defend their basket against a concerted Winnipeg attack, and lost the game 62–64.

On Saturday, the Wesmen’s strong defence made it very difficult for the Dinos to score. A lot of fouls and time-outs on both sides showed mutual uncertainty on how to handle the opposition. Again, the Dinos went into the break five points behind, but this time, the girls came back stronger.

Calgary had a tough time during the opening minutes of the second half. But the team, paced by Jen "Fireball" Goldade’s 18 points, pulled it together and scored some impressive buckets. Going into the last minute, the Dinos led by three and even managed to extend their lead in the dying seconds of the game. Calgary ended the regular season with a triumph, winning the game 72–66 and sent Winterpeg back to the middle of nowhere.

After the game, an emotional ceremony began. Coach Shawnee Harle paid tribute to two of the team’s best players, Jen Goldade and Natalie Hudec, who are graduating this year. They were honoured for their committed play and dedication to their sport.

Next week, the playoffs start and the eighth-ranked Dinos will take on the University of Alberta in Edmonton in the quarter finals.

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