The odds on faves for the Night of the Dino

The University of Calgary is about as far away from Las Vegas as Theo Fleury is from sober. So, odds on the Dinos are sometimes hard to come by. Throughout the year journalistic integrity precludes the Gauntlet from predicting outcomes or holding bets for the enormous population of sports gamblers at the U of C. But, the Dinos season is over and with one athletic-related event left this year all bets are on. And your friendly neighbourhood newspaper is prepared to give you the inside track on what to expect at the 2001/02 edition of The Night of the Dino.

Men’s Athlete of the Year

-Denis Zhukov–4:1

-David Kooperberg–6:1

-Mike Stitt–6:1

-Brian Newmarch–8:1

-Scott Rideout–10:1

Women’s Athlete of the Year

-Krista Kinsman–5:2

-Katie Lee–4:1

-Samantha Anderson–4:1

-Taryn Swiatek–8:1

-Kristy Cameron–8:1

Men’s Rookie of the Year

-Joe "Fro" Bentley–5:1

-Chris Wright–6:1

-Damony Simmonds–12:1

Women’s Rookie of the Year

-Natalie Schwartz–5:1

-Jessica Horning–6:1

-Joanna Niemczewska–9:1

Other, more important odds

-Football Head Coach Tony Fasano shaves his moustache–3:1

-Men’s Soccer Head Coach Andy Gibbs wears his suit and not his track suit–15:1

-Colin Hill wears his snowboard gear–5:1

-Wrestling team dresses like normal people–100:1

-Lucas Ferguson and Chris Boulanger foil robbery–2:1

-Joe "Fro" Bentley sobs Halle Berry-style if he wins an award–4:1

-Athletic Director Don Wilson officially declares Matt Houston the heart and soul of the Dinos–4:1

-Chris Harris wears his Superman shirt–5:1

-Candice Laverty triple jumps all the way to the bar–2:1

-Men’s hockey writer Еvan Osentоn actually meets the men’s hockey team–1000:1

-Ken McKay eats 25 pounds of Grade ‘A’ Alberta pork–7:2

-Krista Kinsman returns to the ring–15:1

-Whit Hornsberger dribbles the salt shaker around the entire table for five minutes before passing it to a teammate–2:1

Wes Montgomery odds

-Wes wins his bet–:1

-Wes wins Athlete of the Year–989:1

-Wes consumes his body weight in chicken wings–10:1

-Wes Montgomery gets in lots of trouble at the after party–1:2

-With a teammate–10:1

-With two waitresses–2 on 1

-With Jack Neumann–500:1

-With Greg Ryan–6:1

-With a teammate, two waitresses and Jack Neumann–7,692:1

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