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Are you tired of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator? Several new browsers seek to depose those two web browsers as the kings of the World Wide Web.

Internet browsers originated in Berkley in 1992 with Mosaic, which was capable of viewing text pages only on the familiar dull-grey background. Since then browsers have improved tremendously in terms of capabilities, supported technologies, features, security, utility and chrome, with the ability to support such diverse platforms as chat programs and MP3 players. Who needs text when there\’s streaming media playing Victoria\’s Secrets shows, radio programs, and the Emmys? Even voting on campus has been affected, with the new on-line voting for the SU elections this year.

Hyperlinking technology developed at CERT allows people with servers to put up web pages to the Internet on line using FTP programs and HTML. A wealth of information is now available online. Thanks to CompuServe, the Internet became commercial in 1995. Since then IE and Netscape Navigator have dominated the browser marketplace, however, newer programs like Opera, Lynx and Mozilla are trying to find a niche.

Lynx 2.8.4

Lynx is by no means a new creation-it\’s remained a favorite among computer enthusiasts for seven years. Lynx is free and versions of this no-nonsense text-only browser are available for almost every modern computing platform including Windows, Macintosh and most Unicies.

Security and privacy-minded users will appreciate Lynx for its lack of scripting support and non-persistent cookies while regular users will enjoy the ad-free browsing that Lynx delivers. However, some users may have difficulty adjusting to Lynx\’s keyboard-only interface.

Mozilla 0.9.9

Open sourced Mozilla is big, bloated and ugly. After three years of work, the developers and coders still don\’t have a release version. The browser is riddled with bugs and inconsistencies and they act like they want too add every feature like the kitchen sink into it. The Gecko HTML generating engine is the best out there, beating the others in supporting new features. It\’s a shame it got dropped into this unstable pile of crap. Mozilla even burns CDs from MP3s, pictures and the radio.

Unstable, ugly, and obsolete, Mozilla isn\’t worth the space on your computer.

MicroSoft Network Explorer

MSN Explorer is Microsoft\’s newest browser. Based on it\’s popular IE technology, it integrates with Microsoft\’s windows operating systems. MSN Explorer looks, feels and fits in seamlessly with Windows XP\’s new look. MSN Explorer comes complete with MSN\’s Hotmail, Messenger Service, Communities, MoneyCentral, eShop and Music.

MSN Explorer allows you to download music, play on-line video games, and check web-based email easily. MSN Explorer\’s intuitive interface is a joy to work with.

Opera 6.0

This new version of the popular Opera browser for Windows and Linux users offers more complete features and new innovations. With support for Multiple Document Interface windows, intelligent browsing and Linux, Opera truly offers users the good browsing experience. As it features skinnability, like with WinAmp, fully supports JAVA script, Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator plug-ins, and allows for environment engines, there is no excuse to stay with your old browser.

Opera isn\’t free, however. Somewhat expensive at $39.00 (US) per copy you install, it is well worth the good value of the price of this web browser.

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