All Irish football fans best hope there was many a four-leaf clover sent o’erseas with our boys, especially since our most skilled player is back on the Emerald Isle. Roy Keane’s much-publicized departure from the club was a huge blow to Ireland’s chances but one benefit is that it has galvanized the rest of the squad.

While many had the Irish to make it out of their group early, they’re wavering on the eve of the greatest tournament on earth. I for one am keeping the faith. This is an Irish squad that is incredibly good defensively and should be able to keep close in every game they play. Just think back to when they eliminated the Netherlands, playing a man down for the entire second half and still not allowing a goal against.

The Irish should make it out of their group, especially playing against a weak German side and a pair of possible dark horses in Saudi Arabia and Cameroon. Mark my words. The Irish are coming.

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