NOFX, 45 or46 songs that werent good enough to go on our other records

By Falice Chin

This year, NOFX’s frontman Fat Mike finally decided to clean up his room. The reward for such a dreadful chore is a collection of b-sides and many other forgotten goods brought together on their latest release, 45 or 46 Songs That Weren’t Good Enough to Go on Our Other Records.

This double CD features ’90s punk and ska tracks tied together with Fat Mike’s excellent vocals and hilarious lyrics. Better yet, this release contains classic NOFX tunes found on many timeless punk compilations such as Survival of the Fattest, as well as Napster favorites like "Murder the Government" (not the Bad Religion tune).

Now fans can sing along to "Vincent" and "See Her Pee" without the song skipping ahead like in previously available versions. This double disc provides a new selection of wonderful but vulgar choruses for all the crazy punk kids to memorize before this year’s Warped Tour comes around.

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