Seafood, When do we start fighting…

Seafood’s sophomore album, When Do We Start Fighting… shows off a band on the road to self-discovery.

It is an oddly schizophrenic album, switching from the Starsailor-style Brit-rock of "Western Battle" to the folky vocal harmonies of "What May Be the Oldest" to the desperate shouts of "get up soldier" in "Cloaking." But somehow, the band managed to pull it off, and at the same time create their own distinct voice.

Maybe the best thing I can say about this album is that in the week or so I’ve had to listen to it, I still haven’t fully digested it. It isn’t all good, and artistic missteps seem to be par for the course, but Seafood has potential. If they manage to figure out exactly who they are any time soon, expect good things to come.

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