U-Pass on its way

By Corinna Callsen

The U-Pass is well on the way. From mid-August on, students will be able to get their pass, which will be a sticker on their student id card.

Still at issue is a U-Pass for part-time students.

"We are discussing the possibilities for part-time students and staff to purchase the U-Pass," said Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance Robbie White. "The city and Calgary Transit wouldn’t be able to offer this at the price for full-time students–it would be possible for around $100, but the Students’ Union wants to talk to them before they do anything like that."

However, these discussions will not turn into additional passes this semester.

For full-time students, the U-Pass and mandatory fee will become a reality.

"It’s $50 for this year and $56 for next year," said White. "After that it’s technically done and it is up to us to re-negotiate if students still want the pass. It is a testing period to see if students respond to the offer, how full the busses are and how many complaints there will be about the extra costs for people who choose or have to drive to school."

Students who live in areas of Calgary without transit service or out of town will still have to pay for the pass. There is no opt-out option in the works.

"I have gotten calls from students who don’t even live in the city and who have to drive to school," said White. "Also, parking has gone up and it’s getting financially tough for them and there is no opt-out unless you use the Handi-bus. So, something people could do is drive in, park at the nearest park’n’ride station and use the C-Train."

The su may give out 20 free U-Passes, possibly in a draw, but how they will determine eligible participants is not yet designed. They hope to have this option available for this fall.

U-Pass stickers will be available from Residence Services, parking pass vendors and the Campus Security office.

ED: Robbie White informs us that the correct price of the U-Pass for the first year will be $50, not $55.

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