MacEwan Hall nears completion

By Kirstin Morrell

The end is near for construction on the second floor of MacEwan Hall. Originally set to open at the beginning of the academic year, the space will not be complete until October.

Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance Robbie White did not expect this most recent expansion-related delay.

"My understanding was it would be set up for September 1," he said.

White promised to set up a meeting to determine why completion is delayed. The $800,000 space, when complete, will serve not only students.

"[The new conference facilities provide] more meeting space for clubs and clients to gain revenue," he said. "The demand is there."

Nine new conference rooms will draw a projected $300,000 per year in conference revenue. The new area will also include improved facilities for Volunteer Services and a larger Conference and Special Events office.

Completion of the space will end the two-year-long MacEwan Hall expansion, which cost approximately $9 million.

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