Master T w/Various Artists, Reggae Vibes

By James Keller

I don’t like being lied to.

I can’t say that I had high hopes when I saw former MuchMusic vj Master T’s face gracing the cover of Master T’s Reggae Vibes, but I did have one: it would be reggae.

Well, it wasn’t. We start off with some pseudo reggae tracks from lesser-knowns like Sean Paul and Baby Cham, who sound more like hip-hop or Jamaican rap than reggae. They also lack any sort of vibe.

With that said, these first songs serve as the album’s high point, and it’s a quick slide down from there.

Shaggy’s there with the punch mix of "It Wasn’t Me." Apparently cutting out most of the music and adding more, sporadic, punchy drums makes you reggae. Go figure.

Don’t forget Snow, with "Girls," Nelly Furtado–with an equally punchy version of "Turn Out the Lights"–and Master T presenting Sugar Prince with "Too Young For Love," which could be more easily confused with Destiny’s Child than Bob Marley.

Finally, the album hits the ultimate low when Christopher performs a less-than-stellar remake of Backstreet Boys’ "That Way." Reggae indeed.

On a positive note, the liner notes remind you to watch for Master T’s Urban Vibes later this year. I’m not sure what to expect, but don’t be surprised if Puff Daddy–no, wait, P-Diddy–is remaking "My Heart Will Go On."

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