Till Bronner, Blue Eyed Soul

It’s taken me over three months to write this review. Now, you might be thinking “If it’s so old, why are you still reviewing it?” The answer’s simple: this album is a timeless masterpiece.

I do have an excuse for my lateness. Every time I sit down to review the disc I draw a total blank. How does one describe an album that tickles the spot between your eardrum and your brain?

Well, here it goes.

The disc takes structured jazz and lays beautiful muted trumpet on top of solid tracked rhythm lines. This provides the perfect blend of organic and synthetic, which any backbone needs. Repetition of main solo lines provides the cohesive strength that gives everyone the need to listen through all of the disc’s 57 minutes and 10 seconds of pure glory.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned jazz lover or someone who has never heard a note of jazz in your life. You need this disc.

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