Get your books.

By Kris Kotarski

Two main options here. U of C Bookstore (MacEwan Hall, lower level) and Students’ Union Used Bookstore (MacEwan Hall, main level). You can go to or Chapters as well, but shipping takes a long time and prices for new books are in the same ballpark as the U of C Bookstore.

U of C Bookstore
• every textbook you need
• new books at list price
• used books bought back at 50 per cent
• online orders with free pick-up at
• return books well into September
• sell books on an intricate website
• free giftwrap service at Christmas with food bank donation
• frequent buyer discounts with a card
• is really cool
• will be useful
Used Bookstore

• good prices for used books
• buy and sell books from other students
• cheap books are better
• money stays with students (all except 20 per cent commission)
• easy to buy the wrong book
• easy to buy the wrong edition
• no returns
• long wait to get your money once you place a book on sale

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