By Dale Miller

MacEwan Hall

A&W (for the love of god I hope you know) • The Cedars Falafel Hut (mediterranean) • Coffee Company (ummm..) • Cookie Nook (fresh-baked goodies) • The Cove (old hotdogs and slushes) • Dairy Queen/Orange Julius (they have a menu) • Den/Black Lounge (full out eatery) • Kobe Beef (oriental food) • Love Me Tenders (chicken and fries) • Oriental Wok (as in oriental food) • Pastels (fresh sandwiches, etc.) • Primo Italian Bistro (pasta) • Seasons/Starbucks Coffee (burnt bean coffee) • Smash Hit Subs/Hot Stuff Pizzas (pretty self explanitory) • Stör (packaged goods) • Subway (subs?) • Taco Time (this is getting lame)Vienna Deli (everything cooked in front of you)

Science Theatres/Social Sciences

Cappucino Bar (coffee and stuff) • First Cup (see previous)


Baron’s Court (cafeteria)

Science B

Beny’s (cafeteria plus)

ICT Building

Ploughboy (fresh-baked goodness)

Medical Sciences

Club Medibles (hospital food, cadavers)


Doucette Library (cafeteria) • Smash Hit Subs/Hot Stuff Pizzas (pretty self explanitory)

Scurfield Hall

Scurfield Hall Cafeteria (hope you can figure this out)

Professional Building

The Soup Link (soup and sandwiches)

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