Canada’s new Crush

By Sarah Rudolph

Gracious is a word Crush singer Cory Tetford uses to describe many of the musicians he admires. It is also a word that well describes Tetford himself. He comes across as an easygoing, well grounded, and yes, a gracious fellow.

Beginning their cross-country tour in Victoria as the opening act for Great Big Sea, Crush has been well received so far. Although the band’s music is distinctly different from that of Great Big Sea, audiences are getting into it and recognizing Newfoundland’s next big act.

“The fans have been amazing,” says Tetford. “I mean, obviously with Great Big Sea they go nuts, but for us, as an opening band, it’s been amazing. They’re really embracing our music.”

Crush may be a rock band but its musical influences are so diverse that everyone will find something they like in their sound. Personal influences of Tetford’s include Emmylou Harris, John Hiatt and Amy Grant.

“My background is all Southern gospel music; my dad is a retired Pentecostal preacher.”

Later on Tetford became interested in rock and roll, blues and country. One of his favourite albums is a gospel recording by The Archangels, an American group who put out their only album in the sixties.

All of his musical influences, and those of his band mates, have inspired the creation of the band’s debut album, Here. The album features 12 songs, ranging in subject from love to betrayal to starting over. The guys draw upon life experiences to form the basis of their music.

“I like to live life and write about life,” explains Tetford. “I’m a writer that waits for inspiration to hit me. When the inspiration hits I sit down and write, and that can happen at any time.”

Crush has worked with a variety of artists in the past including Tom Cochrane, The Tea Party and Live. Opening for Blue Rodeo was an especially meaningful experience for the band.

“We love working with Blue Rodeo. Those guys are so gracious and beautiful… we’re huge fans,” says Tetford. “And U2–they’re a four-piece rock and roll band. The boys have been together for ages.”

In the steps of U2, Crush aspire for the longevity and ability to consistently produce quality. And after speaking to Cory Tetford, one has the feeling that longevity is indeed something Crush can achieve. They are an easygoing band that loves to play and have fun while they’re at it. Those characteristics are sure to earn Crush a strong following of loyal fans in the future.

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