Ballistic is right on target

By Serena Curry

Ballistic is a great movie. It has all the requirements that an action movie needs to be successful: heart-pounding car chases, fast-paced martial arts fighting, high tech weapons, and tonnes of explosions. Bear in mind though, that this isn’t your typical Hollywood action movie complete with squealing babes and pumped up heroes. Ballistic is slightly gritty, and that makes it even better.

The plot revolves around two super-agents from secret government agencies who find themselves battling against a common enemy, for very different reasons. Agent Ecks is played by Antonio Banderas who makes the transition from energetic young hero to world weary older man very nicely. This is a great role for him in terms of showing the audience that you don’t have to be 20 to seriously kick some butt and look sexy while doing it. Lucy Liu plays Agent Sever and is a fantastic action hero. She has found her niche, and that is playing the tough girl. She is perfect for the role. While she still looks fabulous, this isn’t the same Lucy Liu from Charlie’s Angels. There is no lip gloss or low cut outfits, and she barely cracks a smile throughout the film.

Since the ending of all action movies is more or less predictable (how often does the good guy end up losing?), it is very important to keep the plot moving throughout the film. The movie doesn’t give away the whole story right at the beginning, more and more details pour out as you watch. It is also difficult to decipher just how good (or bad) the good guys are, and how bad (or good) the bad guys are. Confused? It all makes sense in the end. Although it’s hard to keep straight who you’re rooting for, it works for this movie because you are always sure of who is against who, and that is more important than the somewhat blurred lines between good and bad anyway.

This is not a dialogue-heavy film, but it has the perfect amount of snappy one-liners to keep the story going. Overall, Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu make an amazing team, the storyline is not overly predictable, and there is a nice play between the worlds of good and evil.

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