ICT commerical space

Is the fear of battling hungry hordes at MacEwan Hall causing you to loose weight? If so, make sure to check out the ict building’s new selection of food vendors when you feel your next hunger pang.

Centrally located on the north side of campus, the ict building offers the ideal location for a new and stylish retail area.

"We can help relieve the congestion in MacEwan Centre," said Jennifer Yip-Choy, Executive Assistant to the University of Calgary Vice-President Finance and Services. "We will give students quicker and more convenient access to services from engineering and sciences."

While the new businesses will not be owned or operated by the University of Calgary, there was a clear and specific method to selecting these retailers.

"The new ict building presented an opportunity for U of C to do business differently," said Yip-Choy. "We advertised in the Calgary Herald and provided individuals with ‘Requests for Information’ and allowed them to make proposals. We assessed the proposals based on what we thought would be a good fit for the campus, the quality of the service and the financial base for the company."

Diversity was one of the university’s goals when selecting the companies. The new businesses are Good Earth Cafés Ltd., Sushi Express, the Family Mart and Crypton Computers Corp.

Already with a loyal following, Ploughboy Diners Inc. opened in March 2002 and is sure to be a hit on campus.

"We feature the Lusty Brisket Sandwich and pressure brewed coffee," said owner Gary Killbourn. "Our signature cookie is oatmeal and toasted coconut."

Good Earth Cafés Ltd., has been in business since 1991 and is no stranger to the food industry. Specializing in wholesome, natural foods, the Good Earth Café will be a staple for health conscious consumers.

For those with more daring culinary tastes, there is Sushi Express. The owners of Sushi Express also run Reiko’s Sushi Bar in Banker’s Hall and specialize in the traditional Japanese cuisine of sushi and sashimi.

The Family Mart convenience store provides some last minute shopping as you run to class.

It seems fitting that the ict building should have a computer store. Crypton Computers Corp. builds personal computers, provides network gaming with an emphasis on low prices and a high level of service. The vision of Crypton Computers is to have a do-it-yourself oriented store, rather than a ready-made computer outlet.

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