Jane McCullough–CJSW Program Director

Full name and position:

Jane McCullough – CJSW Program Director

What does your job entail?

A lot of talking on the phone, answering of e-mails, coordination, evaluation and every so often turning on the radio at 4 a.m. to make sure there’s no dead air.

How did you get into the position?

I volunteered with CJSW for about seven years doing various things including working in the spoken word department. I applied for the position when it came up and here I am.

What was your previous experience in the industry?

Apart from volunteering here, I worked for the Calgary Folk Music Festival for a couple of summers. While the folk festival job had more direct ties to the music industry, it was similar because both groups are non-profit organizations that exist because of arts and music.

What are the best and worst parts of the job?

Interacting with so many cool volunteers is definitely one of the better things about this job. I would say that the whole "checking the radio at 4 a.m." is maybe not so fun.

Where do you plan to go from here?

I would someday like to work in a cheese shop–and then maybe own my own business.

What advice would you give someone who would like to get into your position?

Listen to radio–all radio, volunteer, and have an opinion. Occasionally making fun of Chad (CJSW Station Manager) might help too!

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