Nickleback, Curb

By Joanna Farley

Before Nickleback was famous they were still Nickleback. With the re-release of Curb, Nickleback’s first album, it’s obvious the Hanna boys haven’t strayed far from their original sound despite their more recent multi-platinum efforts. Curb’s sound is raw in comparison to Silver Side Up, with a very rusty-sounding Chad Krogger singing undistinguishable lyrics (could he conceivably have had voice lessons in the last six years?). However, the music is strong, with tracks like “Detangler” and “Where?” standing out as slightly unique from Nickleback’s regular fare. If you’re a Nickleback fan, you’ll enjoy this cd, with the original version of “Just Four” included. If you’re not a fan, this cd, which doesn’t measure up to later efforts, won’t convert you.

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