Pimp-T, Power Is Mindful Peace

By Andrew Ross

Pimp-T, otherwise known as Troy Neilson, is a former student journalist. It’s always hard to bring down one of your own, but in this case it has to be done.

Neilson’s "big" break came in 2000 when the music video for his single "Tha PIMP-T Theme" was nominated for (but did not win) an obscure Canadian hip-hop music award. Why was it nominated? The video, like the song, was a send-up the bling-bling side of the urban scene. Sadly, Neilson doesn’t seem to realize that he is a joke. He spits about as fast as glaciers move, he’s more repetitive than my aging grandmother, and his voice reminds me of Eeyore. Apparently, he puts on a good stage show with outfits and dancing. He should stick to what he does well, and leave the mic alone.

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